16 Former ANDSF Members Arrested by Taliban in Helmand Within 5 Days

Over the course of five days, the Taliban arrested 16 former members of Afghanistan’s National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in Helmand province.

On Monday, it was reported by sources that within the last two weeks, 35 former members of the ANDSF, such as Bashir Ahmad Shaker, the previous deputy governor of Helmand province, were detained and subjected to torture.

Sources suggested that there were rumors of detainees being killed, but it remains unconfirmed which individuals were killed.

According to sources, the former members of the ANDSF were detained on the directives of the Taliban governor in Helmand province.

Hasht-e Subh’s sources reported on last Thursday that Bashir Ahmad Shaker, the former deputy governor, along with four other associates of the former republic government, were detained by the Taliban in Helmand.

The source clarified that these individuals were detained in Lashkar Gah, which serves as the capital city of Helmand province, during the past few days.