18 from one family victims of airstrike in Nimroz

8 Subh, Herat: Sources in Khashrud district of Nimroz province reported the death of at least 18 civilians following army airstrikes.

Speaking to the media, Baz Mohammad Nasser, head of the Nimroz Provincial Council, confirmed the army airstrikes, saying that 18 civilians were killed in the incident.

Saleh Mohammad, a relative of the victims, told local media in Nimroz province that 18 members of his family were killed in the incident.

Army airstrikes were carried out at night on Saturday, January 9, in Khashrud district of Nimroz province. The bodies of the victims were transported from Khashrod district to Zaranj city, the capital of Nimroz province, on Sunday, January 10.

Civil society activists in the west of the country demanded an investigation into the killing of civilians and ask for details to be shared with the public.

Local officials in Nimroz province, however, declined to comment on the incident. This is after the government imposed restrictions on the activities of provincial spokespersons, following the provision of information by the provincial spokesperson in the aftermath of civilian casualties in Takhar province.