9 Women Among 23 Individuals Flogged By Taliban in Sar-E-Pul

The Taliban reportedly administered floggings to a group of individuals consisting of 14 men and 9 women in Sar-e-Pul province, according to local sources.

On Tuesday, the Taliban court’s ruling on the defendants was carried out in the Sar-e-Pul province stadium, sources detailed.

The Taliban made a public declaration that these individuals were subjected to public punishment due to various offenses such as engaging in premarital affairs, running away from home, participating in homosexual activities, cheating, and gambling.

The international community has strongly condemned the actions of the Taliban, viewing the public punishment as a violation of human rights. Many countries have called on the Taliban to respect human rights and uphold the rule of law in their treatment of individuals, urging them to respect the principles of due process and fair trial.

According to sources, it has been reported that the Taliban are conducting show trials in several provinces, deliberately away from public view in response to mounting criticism.