90 Passengers Stranded on the Kabul-Ghor Roadway Due to Heavy Snowfall

Approximately 90 passengers are stranded on the Kabul-Ghor highway due to the recent heavy snowfall.

Information provided by local sources stated that there are around 100 individuals, including women and children, who were stranded on the road.

On Monday, it was reported that 5 passenger vehicles, carrying 90 passengers, had come to a stop in the area of Kotal-e Bakak between the provinces of Bamiyan and Ghor.

The passengers are in need of assistance and are hoping for the road to be cleared so they can resume their journey.

The Taliban have made no comment regarding the shutdown of the highway and have only highlighted an individual whom they assert was saved from the harsh cold in Shahrak district of Ghor province.

This lack of response comes despite the fact that a resident from the Lal-Wa-Sarjangal district of Ghor province passed away due to extreme cold weather conditions yesterday.