A Girl Among Disbelievers

By: Nazi Maisam

She is a girl with disheveled brown hair and a look of frustration in her eyes. Despite her chaotic circumstances, her lips never forget to form a dark, innocent smile. Her face can tell you of its deep pain at any moment. All she seeks is her lost happiness, nothing more, as her happy life was taken away from her unexpectedly by the Taliban.

Since the Taliban have come to power, she has lost all hope and rarely smiles. She is facing the Taliban’s cruelty alone, while the world watches. Men, who should be standing up for her, are instead humiliating her, making her feel even more isolated in a populated world. Most people are unaware of the Taliban’s ban on girls’ education. The protests of Afghan women against the Taliban’s injustice demonstrate how unbearable it is for women to lose their rights to education, work, and life.

The frustrated girl was fed up with the Taliban’s prioritization of the differences between men and women over their humanity. She could no longer take it and began to cry, saying “They won’t last long. Have patience”. She prayed, “God, I can’t take it anymore. Can’t you see? It is enough, please!” She then looked away from the sky and muttered to herself with a bitter smile, “I can do it. I am an Afghan girl. I should be brave now. Don’t let your enemies be happy for your tears. It is alright if the world doesn’t support you now, but God will”.

Yes, all she needs now is the help of God. This suffering girl is an Afghan girl who symbolizes all women and girls in Afghanistan. As for the current state of women and girls in the country, we must be patient as this is not the end of the story. It is clear that in the end, good will prevail and evil will be defeated. Therefore, Afghan girls and women will be the ones to celebrate their victory at the conclusion of this real-life situation in Afghanistan.