A Young Man Committed Suicide in Kunar Province

Local sources in Kunar province report the suicide of a young man named Omid in Narang district of this province.

Omid had gone to Turkey a while ago and then returned and was suffering from mental illness due to being tortured on the way to Turkey, told his family talking to Hasht-e-Subh.

Babrak, Omid’s father, says that his son suffers from a mental illness, and although he took him to Peshawar, Pakistan for treatment, it did not help and he committed suicide on Saturday.

Local sources added that Omid was the eldest son of the family and had gone to Turkey illegally due to poverty, but the Turks imprisoned him for a month and severely tortured him.

With the establishment of the Taliban in Afghanistan, a large number of citizens of this country have taken illegal routes to Iran and Turkey due to economic and security problems.