Mahbooba Siraj Does Not Deserve Nobel Prize Nomination, Says Afghan Women Protestors

Afghan women protestors called for the removal of Mahbooba Siraj’s name from the list of candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize 2023.

Women Protestors’ Movement of Afghanistan issued a letter on Saturday appealing to the Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO) to remove the name of Mahbooba Siraj from the list of Nobel Peace Prize nominees.

“As a Taliban lobbyist and affiliate, Mahbooba Siraj has been acting against women protestors in Afghanistan,” the letter read.

Afghan women protestors wrote to PRIO head Henrik Udal, asking him not to question the Nobel Peace Prize prestige and to remove Mahbooba Siraj’s name from the list of Nobel Peace Prize candidates.

Saying that she has no commitment to human rights values, women protestors added that Mahbooba Siraj has not made the slightest effort to ensure peace and the rights of work and education for women in Afghanistan.

PRIO announced on Wednesday that it nominated Mahbooba Siraj and Narges Mohammadi, a well-known Iranian human rights activist, to the Nobel Committee.

Mahbooba Siraj is a civil society activists who returned to the country immediately after the Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, and later her name was included in the list of 100 influential figures in 2021 by the Time Magazine.