Afghanistan, Where Girls’ Education is a Crime

By: Jandad Jahani

The Taliban’s rise to power in Afghanistan has led to the implementation of strict Islamic law, resulting in the complete ban on education for girls. The barbaric regime’s oppressive actions have left women and children in a constant state of fear, with the latest victim being Mrs. Zarifa Rahmat.

Prior to the Taliban’s reign, Mrs. Rahmat was a private school teacher, but after the extremist group took over, she was forced to abandon her profession. Despite the ban, Mrs. Rahmat continued to teach young girls in her neighborhood in Kabul. However, on the 15th of February, Mrs. Rahmat became a target of the Taliban’s ruthless oppression. At 1 AM, the Taliban’s intelligence unit, known as Directorate 40, forcefully broke into Mrs. Rahmat’s home and abducted her while she was sleeping with her children. The Taliban then contacted her family, instructing them not to inform anyone of the kidnapping and not to publish the news on social media, promising her release by 10 AM.

Desperate to find his daughter, Mrs. Rahmat’s father rushed to Kabul from Herat province. Upon arrival, he contacted the National Intelligence Unit (Directorate 40), only to be told by the Taliban that they had no knowledge of her whereabouts. However, after her husband, Mohammed Rahed, publicized the news on Facebook, the Taliban finally acknowledged that they had abducted her. They offered to release her on the condition that she leave Kabul and stop teaching young girls. She was to go to the Shendand district of Herat province, accompanied by her father, and was warned not to raise her voice.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first time Mrs. Rahmat has been harassed by the Taliban. A month prior, she was summoned by the 5th district of Kabul Police department for allegedly gathering women to protest for women’s rights. They confiscated her national ID card and passport, only returning the former, which later expired, causing her eVisa of Iran to lapse.

The abduction of Mrs. Rahmat is just one example of the Taliban’s brutal oppression of women and their denial of the basic human right to education. Women and girls are not only banned from going to school, but they are also prohibited from participating in any economic or social activities outside their homes without a male guardian. The Taliban’s strict interpretation of Islamic law has stripped women of their freedom and subjected them to a life of slavery. The international community has condemned the Taliban’s actions, and various organizations are calling for immediate action to protect women’s rights in Afghanistan. However, the Taliban remain defiant and continue to impose their strict laws. The tragic story of Mrs. Zarifa Rahmat is a stark reminder of the atrocities that Afghan women face daily, and the urgent need for action to protect their rights.

The Taliban’s rise to power has caused immeasurable suffering to the people of Afghanistan, especially women and children. The international community must take a stand against this barbaric regime and work to protect the rights of Afghan women and girls. The kidnapping of Mrs. Zarifa Rahmat is a tragic and heartbreaking reminder of the horrors that Afghan women endure under the Taliban’s oppressive rule.