Armed Thieves Kill Money Changer in Khost, Sparking Strike by Fellow Money Changers

According to local sources, armed thieves killed a money changer in his shop in the center of Khost province and took his money.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning, 12 April, in the old market of Khost’s money changers.

Following the event, the money changers went on strike and closed their shops.

The money changers in Khost have accused the Taliban of failing to provide security and say that this is the latest in a series of attacks on them in recent months.

They have warned that they will not reopen their shops until the perpetrators of today’s incident are arrested. They have also called on money changers from other provinces to join them in solidarity.

This comes as a Taliban fighter abducted a money changer in the market of Arghun district in Paktika province yesterday, but was later caught.