Art, the Most Influential Form of Awareness and Protest

It is widely known that art is associated with aestheticism. Most people think of art as something that evokes emotion and has a powerful influence on people. However, this definition also links art to mysticism. It is true that art has a long history with literature and mysticism, but it has also changed and evolved over time with human progress. In fact, art has been the catalyst for political and social revolutions since the Renaissance in Europe. It is often said that a society without art is a soulless society. This was seen in Afghanistan in August 2021 when the Taliban returned and art was banned, along with the rights of women and other citizens.

Art is well-known for its ability to transform societies, but it can also be one of the most effective forms of protest and raising awareness. Therefore, artists should use their art to communicate the difficult and painful situation in Afghanistan, as art has the power to convey complex messages that cannot be expressed in any other way. Furthermore, art is easier to understand and can spread the voices of Afghan women protesting on the streets to the world.

The Taliban’s oppression of Afghan women’s rights to education and work must be condemned through art, as this is the only way the educated generation of Afghanistan can fight against the current injustices. Therefore, we can only support Afghan women’s protests against the Taliban’s cruelty through art.