Association of People with Disabilities Organizes Handicraft Exhibition in Jibraiel, Herat

As the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Association of Persons with Disabilities gets close,  the Association of People with Disabilities in Jibraiel, Herat has organized a handicraft exhibition in this association.

The organizers of the exhibition say that this is the 10th exhibition of this association and it was held with the aim of showing the abilities of people with disabilities and attracting more support for these people.

The officials of Jibraiel Association of Persons with Disabilities say that more than 600 people, including 300 women, are members of this association.

According to them, in the past few years, this association has been able to serve and provide education for people with disabilities in this region.

According to one of the officials, economic challenges, lack of a suitable place, and being deprived of the support programs of the aid organizations are some of the problems that this association has not been able to better serve its beneficiaries and cover more persons with disabilities.

Herat is one of the big cities in western Afghanistan where several institutions have been active in the field of providing services to people with disabilities.