Attacks on Taliban Members Continue in Nangarhar and Laghman

8am, Nangarhar: Officials in Nangarhar and Laghman confirmed that five Taliban members were killed and wounded in armed attacks on their forces in the two provinces.

Local sources in Laghman province told 8am that two Taliban members were killed and at least three other civilians were wounded in an attack by unknown gunmen on two Taliban members in Hada area of Laghman province.

Eyewitnesses said the Taliban members were busy collecting taxes from vendors when they were attacked by unidentified gunmen.

On the other hand, in a separate attack on a car carrying Kama district-governor of Nangarhar province, Hamza, the district governor and two of his bodyguards were wounded.

Local sources told 8am that the incident took place after a controlled mine exploded inside the vehicle of the district governor.

It is worth mentioning that Taliban members have been attacked several times in Nangarhar province after rising in power.

No individual or group has claimed responsibility for the two attacks.