Blazing Inferno Engulfs the Residence of Afghan Ambassador to Tajikistan in Panjshir

Local sources in Panjshir province have reported that the house of General Zaher Aghbar, the Afghan ambassador to Tajikistan, caught fire in the province.

Sources speaking to Hasht-e Subh stated that the fire started around 6:00 PM on Sunday, June 11, at Mr. Aghbar’s house in the village of Piyawesht in the Rokha district and continues to blaze.

According to sources, the Taliban were using this house as one of their military bases.

Although the motives and perpetrators of the arson have not been determined yet, local sources consider the Taliban as the culprits behind the incident.

Sources claim that the Taliban are not allowing local residents to extinguish the fire.

The Taliban have not made any statements regarding this matter thus far.

Based on the findings of Hasht-e Subh, at least two schools, the Directorate of Education building, and the house of Fazl Ahmad Manawi, the former Minister of Justice, have caught fire in Panjshir during the past seven months.

Previously, local Taliban officials in Panjshir had referred to these fires as “accidental” and attributed them to the “carelessness” of their fighters.

However, local residents insist that Taliban fighters are deliberately engaging in “vengeful” actions.