Bodies of Five People Shot to Death Found in The Guldara District of Kabul

8 Subh; Kabul: Kabul police have confirmed that the bodies of five people were found in Dashte Naseri area of Guldara district of Kabul province.

The bodies were found by police at 11:00 AM on Saturday, 25 July.

Security sources told 8 Subh that the deceased men were members of the security forces.

According to security sources, these people were shot dead. The location and timing of the incident have not been determined, but some reports indicate that these individuals were shot dead in Kabul’s Shakardara district.

According to these reports, which have not been officially confirmed by the police, on the night of July 25, gunmen, who had created a checkpoint, opened fire on these men in Haji Paik area of Shakardara district.

Some have said that their eyes were gauged and tongues were cut out.

Kabul police say the Kabul security team is working together to identify to perpetrators.

So far, no individual or group has claimed responsibility for the incident.