Brotherly Love Turns Deadly: Increase in Criminal Incidents in Parwan Province

Local sources in Parwan province report that a man has killed his brother in this province.

The incident took place on Monday evening, April 4, in the first security district of Charikar City.

According to sources, the deceased person was named Del-agha and was killed by his brother with a knife after a verbal argument.

Taliban have also confirmed the occurrence of this event.

Mohammad Kamran Zaid, the spokesman for the Taliban’s security command in Parwan, said that the suspect in this incident has fled the scene.

It should be noted that criminal incidents have increased in Parwan in recent times.

In the latest incident, on Monday morning, April 4, a young man was also killed by unknown men with knife blows in the village of Miana-gozar, in Jabal-Seraj district.