Clashes Escalate in Panjshir: 10 Taliban Fighters Killed

After two days of ceasefire in Panjshir, clashes once again have escalated between the two sides.

Sources in Panjshir province have reported that clashes between the National Resistance Front forces and the Taliban fighters have escalated in the province as a result of which 10 Taliban fighters are killed, but NRF, in a tweet has claimed of killing 15 Taliban fighters.

According to the sources, at around 11:00 AM on Monday, May 30, 22, the NFR forces launched an ambush on Taliban fighters in Astana region who were planning to attack the NRF forces bases.

It is also reported that the Taliban fighters and Resistance Front forces are on standby in other different parts of Panjshir; particularly, in the Kohsar area, Paryan district of the province.