DAB: Cash Aid Worth $40M Arrives in Kabul

Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), the country’s central bank now controlled by the Taliban, has reported the delivery of $40 million in humanitarian aid to Kabul.

On Tuesday morning, the Taliban-controlled Central Bank of Afghanistan announced the arrival of the cash package in Kabul via a series of tweets.

According to the DAB, one of the private banks has been entrusted with this $40 million package.

The delivery of $40 million aid packages to Afghanistan, which is under Taliban rule and reportedly experiencing daily human rights violations by the group’s fighters, has drawn strong condemnation from Taliban’s critics and opponents.

Despite concerns, the United States and the United Nations have reiterated several times that the Taliban will not be granted access to these monetary donations.

Last week, two separate packages of humanitarian aid, each worth $40 million, were also dispatched to Kabul. It is worth noting that the delivery of these packages has garnered attention and criticism due to concerns about how the Taliban might potentially access or exploit the funds.