Deadly Drone Attack on Civilians in Afghanistan’s Khost Province Leaves Two Children Dead and Three Injured

Local sources in Khost province reported that an unidentified drone attack killed two children and wounded three others, including a child.

According to reliable local sources, the attack took place at 4:00 am on Tuesday, May 16, in the village of Bahramkhel in the Mandozai district of Khost province.

Reportedly, the residential house of Mufti Farooq, a Pakistani refugee from Waziristan, was targeted in the attack, resulting in the death of his two young daughters and injuries to himself, his wife, and another young child.

Mufti Farooq is the Imam of one of the mosques in the village of Bahramkhel and has been living there for eight years.

It is not yet clear which country the drone belonged to and why the residential house was targeted in the attack.

The Taliban in Khost have not yet commented on the incident.

Drone attacks in Khost are not unprecedented. Last year, a Pakistani drone attack in the Aspira district of the province killed and injured 20 civilians.

In March of this year, four commanders of Tahrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were killed in a hotel in another drone attack in the first security district of Khost city. Pakistani media reported the attack and the killing of TTP commanders.