Decline of Morals Under Taliban

Retailers and other business owners have expressed their grievances regarding the expensive and complex pricing lists provided by the Taliban’s municipality of Kabul. The confrontation of narratives is seen in various fields, with some deeming the confrontation of economic views to be of utmost importance, while others consider the confrontation in the field of culture, politics, or ethics to be fundamental. The Taliban and their conservative allies have asserted their superiority in religion and morals, interpreting Afghanistan’s conflicts as moral, and claiming that the key to success in all fields, including economy, politics, and culture, lies in religious and moral maturity. They have not attributed their current military victory to the backwardness of society, poverty, general inability to stand up against terrorism, dealing with foreigners, or the Doha agreement, but rather have claimed that they prevailed due to their moral superiority, thus absolving themselves of responsibility in the economy, politics, and culture. We have heard many times from their leaders that the mission of the Taliban Emirate is to promote religion and moral values, rather than economic development, job opportunities, and basic human freedoms.

Mullah Hassan, the Prime Minister of the Taliban, once declared that if the people wanted freedom and progress, they would not have waged Jihad. This statement encapsulated the Taliban’s view on governance, which was to train more suicide fighters in the name of protecting morality and spreading religiosity. In reality, however, the Taliban’s presence has been associated with moral decline, with individual rights and civil liberties being trampled, and political repression and hunger causing immense damage to families and society. Since the Taliban regained power, there have been numerous reports of organ trafficking, child trafficking, forced marriages, public executions, forced migration, bigotry and torture. It appears that the Taliban desire a society where obedience and submission are the only rules, and silence and tolerance are the most important aspects of religion and morality.

Within their organization, they consider questioning and criticism to be unethical and have repeatedly stated that obedience and silence is the primary requirement for being an Emirati. They expect the same level of silence and obedience, without any justification, from all the residents of Afghanistan. However, there are many differences between the officials and the Taliban and the people who earn a living. The Taliban have power, they have many freedoms and privileges in their positions, and it is not unreasonable to expect them to remain silent and obedient in order to maintain those privileges. This silence and obedience is a political tactic and can be justified within the framework of group discipline for the continuation of power. However, the relationship between the rulers and the people cannot be limited only to obedience and silence in the face of all adversity, oppression and discrimination, hunger and imposed deprivation and be considered moral.

There is a painful moral chaos and irreparable decay occurring within the society. This deterioration is particularly evident in the behavior of the Taliban group towards the people. The residents under the Emirate are routinely subjected to ugly treatment by the Taliban, and it is no longer surprising to hear of cursing and ill-treatment of clients in Taliban offices. Recently, videos of the misbehavior of the moral police and the soldiers of the Taliban have been published in the media, demonstrating that they are willing to slap and insult our countrymen under any pretext.

Contrary to what the Taliban claim, they do not possess any moral superiority over their political rivals; in fact, their failures in the moral field are more severe than in the areas of education and economy. Ultimately, morality cannot thrive in the absence of welfare, knowledge, and freedom, and the Taliban’s rule against education, work, and freedom is a detriment to morality.