EU Boosts Its Humanitarian Aid, As the Crisis Escalates in Afghanistan

By Alias Tahiri

The European Union says Afghanistan is facing a serious humanitarian crisis. The union reported that it was predicting a social and economic collapse in Afghanistan. To this end, the European Union has increased its humanitarian aid from €57 million to €200 million.

According to the European Union, a socio-economic collapse will be disastrous for Afghanistan, the region, and international security. The report mentions the economic situation of the country, which poses a risk of human catastrophe. Afghanistan is currently one of the poorest countries in the world, with more than a third of its population earning less than $ 2 a day.

The EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, said after a recent meeting with Qatari officials that he had shared the US position on the Taliban with the emir and other senior officials.

According to Borrell, their decisive vision is to work with the Taliban to influence their behavior and choices. According to the report, the Taliban requests appear to be about recognition. He stressed that a roadmap is needed to influence the leaders of the new regime in Afghanistan.

Borrell has said that Qatar is an influential player in Afghanistan and has open contact with the Taliban. For this reason, he said, he discussed in Doha “how to assess the actions of the Taliban” and prevent the collapse of Afghanistan. The EU foreign policy chief stressed that in addition to humanitarian workers, more people should be kept in Afghanistan. The EU has also said that, given the security situation, possible options are being considered.

According to Josep Borrell, there are many signs that the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating. He cited the formation of an interim Taliban cabinet as “not inclusive”. The deprivation of women and girls from education is also mentioned. According to the report, girls’ education is one of the greatest achievements of the last 20 years and should not be lost.

The EU’s foreign policy chief has said that since the Taliban took office, it has been decided to increase EU’s humanitarian aid from 57 million to 200 million Euros. It also reports that member states have pledged €677 million to help millions of Afghans in need. The European Union (EU) has announced an increase in humanitarian aid as its development aid to Afghanistan has been suspended.

The European Union (EU) has said there are indications that food prices have risen by at least 50 percent since the Taliban came to power. The EU report also indicates that the health system, which is heavily dependent on NGOs and foreign aid, is on the verge of collapse.

The report expresses concern that if the situation continues like this, with the coming winter, this danger will become a human catastrophe. Europe has said that what it can do with its international partners in the field of health and education depends on the behavior of the Taliban, adding that Europe has its conditions and criteria to resume relations with the Taliban government. Due to the poor economic situation, a wave of widespread migration from Afghanistan may begin and negatively affect neighboring countries, the report indicates.

In a meeting with Qatari officials, the EU foreign policy chief agreed on the need to prevent economic and social collapse in the coming months. Borrell argues that preventing a humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan requires action by the Taliban. He added that female staff at the United Nations and other international humanitarian organizations should be able to do their jobs.

In a meeting with Qatari officials, he urged them to use their contacts with the Taliban to prevent the worst-case scenario in Afghanistan. He stressed that the EU will continue its efforts to achieve this goal.