Everyone, Everywhere is a Target

For terrorist groups, there is no difference between military and civilian objectives. They kill soldiers because they are against them, and they kill civilians because they are not like them. The horrific events of recent years show that both military and civilians in the country have been killed in equal measure – military in battlefields and civilians in their working and living spaces. Therefore, for terrorist groups, both those who are at war with them and those who are not like them are targets all the same.

Terrorism and the use of force are both an end and a means for terrorist groups. These groups seek to achieve their political and ideological goals with terrorism. They carry out this terrorism and intimidation by resorting to violence or threats of violence.

For terrorist groups, defenseless civilians are targets for terrorism and intimidation. They show off their criminal and murderous power by killing civilians. They attack civilians because they know they are not able to defend themselves. Hence, terrorists’ mainly target public places, markets and other places where people gather.

We have witnessed deadly terrorist attacks in public places during the years that the Taliban have been in conflict with the government for power. In addition, we have been facing ISIL killing squads for almost 50 continuous years, and every now and then, we end up carrying the coffins of our loved ones on our shoulders. Over the years, everyone, everywhere has been a target.

If you look at the history of terrorist attacks in the country, you can see that there is not a place that has not been targeted. Worshipers have been killed in mosques. Wedding guests have been targeted in wedding halls. They have bombed funerals and killed students in educational centers and universities. Similarly, women and infants have been shot in hospitals and travelers shot on the road. They have targeted civil activists in protests and teachers, clerics and doctors in their homes and workplaces. No place has been spared from terrorist attacks and no single sect or ethnic group has escaped harm as a result of these attacks.

The November 2 attack on Kabul University is the second terrorist attack on an educational institution in the capital this month. On October 24, the Kawsar Danish educational center was attacked, in which, according to official statistics, 24 people were killed and 46 wounded. However, people have claimed that the actual number of casualties in this attack was.

The attack on Kabul University and the one on the Kawsar Danish educational center were only nine days apart. The occurrence of these two attacks in such a short period of time is a sign of the deteriorating situation in the capital. On the other hand, these attacks show that in a new wave of attacks, terrorist groups have focused on destroying educational institutions and preventing students from attending educational centers, schools and universities. Therefore, there are fears that such attacks will continue in other parts of the country. Similarly, one should be concerned about the possibility of vehicles ferrying students to and from school being targeted.

The government should act more decisively in the face of the resumption of such attacks in the capital and not allow such catastrophes to be repeated. Now that everyone, everywhere is a clear target for terrorist groups, the government should not be content to just condemn these incidents. The government is responsible for protecting the lives of the people. This responsibility must be fulfilled.

In order to live in the right environment during such bloody times, people also need to be vigilant. Where the government is negligent, they must protest against such negligence. They must take steps towards increasing cooperation between the people and the government and government forces. If we are to have a safe living environment, there is no option other comprehensive cooperation between the government and the people. Furthermore, the government’s responsible actions against terrorist threats will only open the door to hopes for a safe and non-violent society. People deserve to live in the full shadow of security, and this goal can only be achieved by dealing responsibly with threats.