Explosion of Landmine Claims Lives of Two Children in Nuristan

A tragic incident occurred in Nuristan province, located in the eastern part of the country, where local sources report that two children were killed, and another child was injured as a result of a landmine explosion.

The event took place on Friday, May 26, in the Samgal Valley of the Want-Waigal district in Nuristan.

According to sources, the children were playing with an undetonated landmine when it suddenly exploded.

No information has been provided regarding the identities of the victims.

The Taliban have not yet made any statements regarding this incident in Nuristan.

Landmine explosions and the detonation of unexploded ordnance in Afghanistan occasionally claim the lives of innocent civilians.

Last week, a landmine planted by the Taliban with the intention of targeting former government forces resulted in the death of a civilian and the destruction of his tractor.