Three Children Killed, Ten Injured in Unexploded Ordnance Explosions in Ghazni and Badakhshan

Three children were killed and 10 others injured in explosions of unexploded ordnance in the provinces of Ghazni and Badakhshan in Afghanistan.

Local sources in Ghazni say that an explosion of a mortar shell in a residential house in this province killed one child and injured five others.

On Thursday evening, the incident occurred in the village of Chahardeh in the Waghaz district of Ghazni province.

According to sources, the children of this family were playing with unexploded ordnance left over from past wars, which exploded.

According to sources, the health condition of three of the injured individuals in this incident is critical.

Meanwhile, Mazduddin Ahmadi, the Taliban’s information and culture chief in Badakhshan, reported an explosion of a hand grenade in the Tagab district of the province.

According to Ahmadi, two children were killed and five others were injured in the explosion. The incident occurred while the children were playing with the hand grenade.

Worth noting that the explosions of landmines and unexploded ordnance in various provinces of Afghanistan often victimize children.