Fatal Traffic Incidents in Three Provinces Leave Four Dead and 11 Injured

Local sources in the Ghazni province have reported that three traffic incidents in the province have resulted in the loss of three lives, and four others, including two children, have been injured.

Sources from the province stated on Tuesday, May 23, that in the first incident, two motorcycles collided in the Haidar-Abad School area, which belongs to the fifth district of the city, resulting in two fatalities and two injuries.

Furthermore, this morning, a motorcycle in the Amin Qala village, located in the Andar district of Ghazni province, veered off course, leading to the death of the rider.

However, a source in the Ghazni provincial hospital has confirmed that today (Tuesday, May 23), two individuals were injured and transferred to the hospital as a result of a motorcycle overturning in the Thaqafat Road area, located in the city center.

Meanwhile, local sources in the Parwan province have reported that a middle-aged woman lost her life following the fall of a speeding motorcycle into the Ghorband River in this province, and two men were injured.

This incident took place around 7:30 am on Tuesday, May 23, in the Bagh-e Afghan village of the Shinwari district in the Ghorband Valley when a Toyota Corolla motorcycle was traveling from the Shinwari district towards the Seyagird district.

The Taliban have also confirmed the occurrence of this incident and stated that the victims of this accident were members of one family.

On the other hand, local sources have reported a Fielder-type car catching fire in the Kotal-e Hajji Gak area, located in the Shibar district of Bamiyan province.

According to the information provided by sources, five individuals have been injured as a result of this incident.

Meanwhile, the Taliban Security Command Center in Bamiyan has also confirmed this incident and stated that at 6:00 am on Tuesday, May 23, a Fielder caught fire due to the driver’s negligence and collision in Kotal-e Hajji Gak.

According to this report, five individuals were injured in this incident, and they have been transferred to the Bamiyan provincial hospital for treatment.

Driver negligence, narrow roads, and poor road conditions are cited as factors contributing to traffic accidents in the country.