Floods in Badakhshan Claim the Lives of Two Children and Injure Five Others

Local sources in the Badakhshan province have reported that two children lost their lives as a result of a flood in the center of the Yaftal district in this province.

One of the children was swept away by the flood on Wednesday, May 24, in the village of Zamestanak in Yaftal district, while the other child was a victim of the flood in the fifth district of Faiz-Abad city, the center of Badakhshan province. Additionally, at least five other individuals have been injured as a result of this natural event.

One of the children who lost their lives was an 11-year-old girl.

Among the injured in this natural event in Badakhshan, there are two women and three men.

Due to its mountainous nature, Badakhshan occasionally witnesses floods and other natural disasters.

It is worth mentioning that as a result of recent floods in the past three days, at least eight people have lost their lives in Ghor province, and hundreds of acres of agricultural land have been destroyed.