Foreign Tourist Arrested by the Taliban in Bamiyan Province

Sources confirm that a foreign tourist along with his interpreter and bodyguard have been arrested by Taliban forces in Bamiyan province.

Local sources in Bamiyan say that the tourist was arrested by Taliban forces around 7:00 pm on Tuesday (July 12th).

A source, who asked not to be named due to security concerns, said that the incident took place last evening when the guard of the foreign tourist, who was a Taliban member, opened fire in Dara-e Fuladi, near the center of Bamiyan. According to the source, following this shooting, Taliban forces arrested the tourist, his interpreter and his bodyguard, handing them over to Mullah Abdullah Sarhadhi, the governor of the Talliban in Bamiyan province.

According to the source, the tourist and his two companions were being taken into the governor’s custody. Local Taliban authorities in Bamiyan have not yet said anything about the detention of the foreign tourist and his companions.