Former Mayor of Samangan Arrested by Taliban: Another Target in the Taliban’s Reign of Detention

Local sources in Samangan province report that Ferozudin Tagin, the former mayor of the province, has been detained by the Taliban.

According to local sources, on Friday, May 19, Ferozudin Tagin was arrested three days ago by the Taliban in Ebak city, the center of Samangan province.

Sources state that Tagin was living in Ebak following the Taliban’s takeover, under the provisions of a general amnesty issued by the Taliban’s leader. However, the Taliban eventually arrested him at his home in Ebak and transferred him to an undisclosed location.

Sources from within the Taliban group also confirm that Ferozudin Tagin has been detained in Samangan based on the guidance of the Taliban’s security commander in this province.

The sources do not disclose the charges against the former mayor of Samangan for his detention.

It should be noted that following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, local officials from the previous government have consistently been detained and subjected to torture by the group, using various pretexts.

The Taliban continues to arrest both former government military personnel and civilians.