Former University Professor Funds English Language Education for Underprivileged Girls in Kabul Amid Taliban Ban

Mohammad Essa Darwesh, a former professor at Bamiyan University, has personally funded English language education for 45 underprivileged girls in the 13th district of Kabul.

In an interview with Hasht-e Subh on Sunday, April 16, Darwesh said the cost of educational courses for these girls was 150,000 Afghanis, which he paid out of his own pocket.

Darwesh’s goal in this action is to motivate underprivileged girls to learn and express hope that others will take similar initiatives.

A few months ago, Darwesh resigned from his position as a professor at Bamiyan University in protest of the Taliban’s ban on educating girls above the sixth grade.

Although the Taliban have prohibited education for girls above the sixth grade since they came to power in Afghanistan, girls in various provinces continue their education secretly despite this ban.