Girls’ losing Right to Education; A Mental Slaughter

By: Umran Ayar

Most people think that slaughter refers exclusively to the Middle Ages, when people did not have the right to express their thoughts freely about religion. However, I believe that educational slaughter has a different meaning in the current situation in Afghanistan than it did in the Middle Ages in Europe.

I have often thought about the distinction between physical slaughter and mental slaughter. In my opinion, physical slaughter is much easier than mental slaughter: physical slaughter leads to death, but mental slaughter is longterm torture that never ends. This is illustrated by the fact that Afghan girls are dealing with mental slaughter, which could lead to ignorance and the destruction of the entire nation. The Taliban are therefore directing Afghanistan to the ignorance age when women are perceived secondsex devils, which gives the notion to think of women as lands where only men are allowed to plant their seeds.

It is difficult to distinguish between Afghan women, who suffer, and other women, who have been able to find scientific cures for cancer or become pilots or run societies. However, I have not been able to find a distinction except that Afghan women constantly suffer from oppression and a lack of fundamental rights under different regimes, particularly the Taliban. Therefore, the international community should not leave Afghan women alone during this crucial time, as they are losing everything, including their basic rights to life. So, Afghan women need international support to defeat the Talibans totalitarianism.