Habibullah Ghoriani Has Allegedly Been Arrested in Herat

8 Subh, Herat: According to locals, Habibullah Ghoriani, a tycoon known for arming local Hazaras in Herat province, has been arrested by the Taliban.

He is said to have been arrested by Taliban Intelligence Forces in Herat from the Jibrail region of the province on Thursday, September 16.

According to locals, Ghoriani was arrested for extortion and illegal activities.

A few months ago, the owner of a local restaurant in the Jibrail area clashed with Ghoriani’s armed men. Former government forces are said to have intervened and attacked his bodyguards.

Former government forces tried to hold Ghoriani in captive, but failed to arrest him.

Habibaullah Ghoriani was accused by the previous government of drug trafficking, irresponsible arming of people, extortion and illegal activities, but he himself denied these allegations.

He had said that he distributed weapons to ensure the security of the people in the Jibrail region and that the people support him.

So far, local Taliban officials in Herat have not provided details on his arrest.