Heavy Floods Kill Seven People in Ghazni

Local sources in Ghazni province report that seven people have died so far as a result of heavy floods in this province.

The floods have flooded parts of this city after heavy rainfalls last night, according to sources.

According to Taliban members in the Department of Information and Culture in Ghazni province, the floods have rooted in the Zankhan district of this province, as a result of which seven people have been killed in Haji Ramadan Township, in the Arbab Sahib area, belonging to the third security district of this city, and a body of one the victims is missing yet.

In addition, 50 residential houses have been destroyed in the villages of Rouzah, Ali Lala, Hakim Sanai & Haji Ramadan Townships, Deh Khodaidad and Amir Mohammad Khan Qala.

Moreover, more than two hundred acres of agricultural land have also been damaged.