Hibatullah Akhundzada’s Message Proves That the Taliban Has Not Changed

Those who lobbied the Taliban in recent years, especially after the Doha agreement, that this group has changed, must have now realized that they have betrayed Afghanistan and the international community concerning the change in the Taliban’s way of thinking and ideology.

It has been for the past few years that the Taliban lobbyists have been marketing that this group has changed compared to the first period of its rule during the 1990s and the world is now facing a modified version of the Taliban, which is not as scary as before. The recent meeting of the clerics of this group with the presence of its leaders, especially their reclusive “Amir al-Momineen”, will shed light on the falseness of the propaganda and convey the message that the Taliban have not changed and any gamble investment on the Taliban  will certainly lead to loss.

Experts on this matter knew that the motivation of the lobbyists for launching those advertisements is to seek profit and trade with the blood of Afghan citizens. But there were also some naive people who thought that this group was on the path of transformation by comparing it to some extremist movements that had undergone transformation over time. The evolution of some movements was, of course, a fact in its essence, which was true for both some left-wing and some right-wing parties. But this idea and approach about the Taliban was and is totally wrong. Experts did warn many times that Taliban have not changed; instead have even turned more extremist and radical, but their voices remained unheard against the powerful wave of strong lobbyists for the Taliban on the international platforms. .

Intellectual and political transformation usually happened in movements that arose spontaneously and had their own demands. In addition, critical thinking used to playan effective role in their work and intellectual friction with critical movements used to lead such ideologies. The reforms carried out by Mikhail Gorbachev in the Soviet Union and Ding Xiaoping in China, or the transformation of smaller examples in Ireland, Sri Lanka, Colombia, etc., had each been of this nature. In the case of the Taliban, this illusion was fundamentally wrong, because this group was created by the Pakistan intelligence for specific purposes, and it never had a spontaneous and popular attitude, and the element of thought and knowledge have never played a significant role in group’s performance and way of thinking. The group members, starting from the leaders down to the lowest rank fighters are all brain washed by the Pakistan intelligence They have no decision-making power by themselves and the decisions are made by their supporter outside the borders.

The recent grand assembly of this group with the participations of pre-dictated mullahs from around the country and some of them even brought in from Pakistan clearly proved that talking about the evolution of this group is an illusion. Because the view of its leaders toward human being, citizens, and logic of life in today’s world, is the same as it was from the beginning. The speech of the so called self pro-claimed “Amir al-Momineen” of the Taliban showed that he neither believes in no values of today’s modern era. He does not care about women’s rights, citizenship rights, human rights, national interests of the Afghan people, international conventions, and the language he has chosen to communicate with the people and the world is Coercion and suppression and disregard for all the accepted global norms.

Some of the corrupt mafias of the past two decades, who have recently rushed to kiss the feet of this group, were hoping that the Taliban would give them an excuse with some dramatic changes, so that when it becomes possible for them to lobby abroad, from the money that flows in this way, like during the notorious Ashraf Ghani’s rule, benefit their shares. Now both they and the foreign mafia behind them are confused to what trick should they use to sell a false product called the “Taliban’s Transformation” to the world. Of course, the people of Afghanistan can now more easily decide what path to adapt against the repressive militias who has occupied Afghanistan by the help of weapon and do not know any other way of ruling, except the weapon way.