Innocent Man Brutally Slain by the Taliban in Baghlan Province

Local sources in Baghlan province have reported that the Taliban have killed a man in this province.

According to sources, on Sunday, May 28, the Taliban entered the house of this individual and, after searching his house, transported him to an unknown location where they subjected him to severe beatings and ultimately killed him.

The man, identified as Sayed Mohammad Andarabi, was a resident of Nawbahar village in Andarab district, Baghlan province.

Sources state that the Taliban seized an old rifle from the man’s house.

So far, the Taliban have not commented on this incident.

This comes just days after the Taliban killed a civilian and a former military officer in Takhar province.

The arrest, torture, and killing of both military personnel and civilians by the Taliban are not new occurrences. The group has consistently engaged in such acts in the past as well.