Internal Clash Between Taliban in Takhar Leaves 6 Dead and 2 Injured

Local sources in Takhar province have confirmed that two Pashtun Taliban are killed and four others injured as a result of internal clashes between Pashtun and Uzbek Taliban-affiliated members in this province.

The clashes took place at around 12:00am on Monday at the central intersection of Khwaja Bahauddin district, Takhar province.

According to the sources, the fight started when there was an argument between Adel, an Uzbek commander, and the Pashtun Taliban over the identity of the Uzbeks.

It is said that Adel has fled from the conflict site, and the Pashtun Taliban have arrested his father and taken him away.

In recent months, Pashtun and Uzbek Taliban-affiliated members have usually clashed from time to time in Takhar province, and these fights have also resulted in casualties on both sides.