International Community Must Prevent the Complete Failure of the Peace Process

The battlefield between the government and the Taliban is hot. At the same time, the two sides accuse each other of belligerence and turning away from the negotiating table. Meanwhile, the general public is falling victim, and the number of displaced people is increasing every day. The international community, which was expected to put maximum pressure on both sides to return to the negotiating table, seems to be just a spectator. The countries that worked within the framework of the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan are currently thinking of nothing but leaving. A number of countries are also ending their diplomatic presence in Afghanistan and have begun closing embassies. At present, only war and accusations have flourished alarmingly.

The arrogance of the government and the Taliban shows that war is their only choice in the new circumstances. The government seeks to prove its military prowess and show it to the Taliban in the absence of foreign troops in Afghanistan. The Taliban are also seeking to test their military might in a war against a government that no longer has foreign troops to survive. The current war, separation from its other dimensions, is in fact an attempt by both sides to prove their power, as well as to test the strength and survival of the other side. For this reason, it can be seen that the war between the government and the Taliban is going on with all its intensity, and every day, the pile of the dead is increasing.

The government thinks that if it can defend its sovereignty without the support of foreign forces, it will no longer need to be flexible in the face of the Taliban’s excessive demands. The Taliban, however, thinks that if it can get some parts of the land out of the government’s control, it could have a chance to demand more from the international community and the Afghan government. Even in their dreams, the group thinks that if it can take control of several important provinces, they will have the chance to conquer all of Afghanistan and overthrow the government. It is according to such fantasies that war has become the best option for both sides, and surrender is nowhere to be seen in their political literature.

The government and the Taliban have already ended talks to decide the future of Afghanistan through war. A war, that for twenty years had no consequence for Afghanistan other than killing, destruction, and displacement, and it was finally agreed that the issue of Afghanistan should be resolved through dialogue. For now, however, delusions and vengeful intentions and the decision to fight have left dialogue as the only solution to the Afghan conflict. In the meantime, the international community is just watching the situation and doing nothing but advise to end this war. It seems that the international community has decided to leave the government and the Taliban alone in order to decide Afghanistan’s future through war. However, the international community has repeatedly said that the war in Afghanistan has reached a dead end and that there must be peace between the government and the Taliban.

While fears of escalating violence are imminent in the coming months, the international community is expected to return to its active role in Afghanistan’s peace process. It is clear to the whole world that the current war has no definite winner or loser, and dialogue is the only solution to the Afghan issue. However, leaving Afghanistan to its own devices and watching the ongoing war in the hope that its winner and loser will be determined shows the international community’s avoidance of its responsibilities. If the international community thinks that the option of persuading the government and the Taliban to engage in dialogue has not worked, it is better to resort to a policy of intimidation and pressure. Their thirst for war will not subside unless the government and the Taliban are put under serious pressure.