ISIL claims responsibility for shooting of Enikas TV employees

Kabul, 8 Subh: Reuters reported that ISIL had claimed responsibility for the shooting of the staff of Enikas TV in Nangarhar province. Shahnaz Raufi, Saadia Sadat and Mursal Hamidi, three employees of the private radio-television dubbing department in Nangarhar province, were killed in two armed attacks in the first and fourth districts of Jalalabad on Tuesday afternoon, March 2.

Juma Gul Himmat, Nangarhar police chief, said yesterday evening that a man named Qari Basir had been arrested on suspicion of plotting and carrying out an attack on the staff of Enikas TV. The Taliban had denied involvement in the attack.

The attack on three TV employees provoked widespread reactions nationally and internationally. The Presidential Palace, the Presidency of the High Council for National Reconciliation, political delegations based in Kabul, the Office of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, and institutions supporting journalists and the media have all condemned the attack.

ISIL also claimed responsibility for the assassination of Malala Maiwand, a reporter for Enikas TV, who was killed in the city of Jalalabad on December 10, last year. Nangarhar was one of the main centers of ISIL activity in the east of the country. The government has repeatedly announced the defeat of ISIL in the province, but the group appears to still be active in Nangarhar.