ISKP Claims Responsibility for Deadly Attacks on Sikh Temple in Kabul

The Islamic State of Khurasan Province (ISKP) has claimed responsibility for the attacks on the Sikh temple in Kabul, Karte Parwan area.

The ISKP website posted a photo of the attacker on Saturday, claiming they carried out the attacks because of remarks against the Prophet Mohammad by the Indian politicians.

According to the ISKP, the attacker’s name is Abu Mohammad Al-Tajiki.

Several assailants attacked a Sikh temple in Kabul on Saturday morning, June 18. The attack began with a series of explosions and lasted for hours.

As a result of these blasts and clashes, at least one Sikh is killed and seven others are injured, according to the Taliban.

Meanwhile, these suicide attacks have provoked a wave of internal and external reactions worldwide.

This is for the first time that this innocent community is being victimized on the bases of religion and ideological beliefs. In the past, the Taliban launched several brutal attacks on this community which even forced many of them to leave the country and seek shelter in India where their religious ideology is rooted.

The community is one of the most peace-loving, respected, and kind who have been paying the price of regime change with their lives on for the sack of their religious beliefs.

To gain leverage, the Taliban used to claim responsibility for attacks on this community and many other communities similar to this community. But now that the terror group is in power, the community is still being victimized, but under a different label.

Taliban seniors have always rejected the presence of ISIS-K in Afghanistan and have claimed of having full control of the country. If ISIS-K is not present in Afghanistan; then, who is behind such bloody attacks in the country?