Islam Qala Border Crossing Shut Down Amid Escalating Clashes between Taliban and Iranian Guards

Local sources in Herat province report that the Islam Qala border crossing has been halted as a result of escalating conflicts between Taliban fighters and Iranian border guards.

According to the sources, the border crossing has been blocked for traffic since this morning (Saturday, May 20).

It is said that these conflicts arose when Iranian border guards attempted to construct a wall at the zero point of the border, but faced opposition from the Taliban fighters.

Information from local sources indicates that currently, both sides are “brandishing their weapons.”

Border disputes between the Taliban and Iranian border guards are not unprecedented.

About two weeks ago, tensions rose between the two sides following the construction of a road at the zero points of the border by Iranian border guards.

Following that incident, a meeting was held between Iranian border guards and the Taliban at the Al-Farooq military camp in Herat about a week ago.

During the mentioned meeting, emphasis was placed on the need to address border disputes through diplomatic channels.