Karzai Says a Government Must Not Crack Down on Civilians

8 Subh, Kabul: Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai says we need a modern, inclusive government in Afghanistan.

“We need a government in Afghanistan that provides services, has good relations with the world, and allows people to live happily without fear of repression,” he told a British media outlet.

In an interview with the Sunday Times on Saturday (September 18), Hamid Karzai said that people are scared. According to Karzai, the Taliban must step in to create a physically and mentally sound environment for people.

Karzai has said he is disappointed with the failure of talks between the Taliban and the National Resistance Forces (NRF).

He also emphasized that since the beginning of negotiations with the Taliban, he has emphasized the education of girls, women’s participation in government, and the importance of the flag and national values.

“The Taliban fully agreed, but so far they have not kept their promises,” he said. “We need actions that are in line with what they say, otherwise Afghanistan will be isolated again.”

“We need a government in Afghanistan that includes women, men and all ethnic groups, and that is the only way left for us,” Karzai said, referring to the Taliban cabinet. “This is not what the Taliban promised. ”

The former president has also said that the migration of educated youth from Afghanistan is an irreparable loss.

Reacting to the non-opening of girls’ secondary schools in Afghanistan, he said that girls’ education is very important. He says there is no other way for the country to prosper but to educate girls.