Khalilzad: Government and Taliban must Reach “Political Agreement” As Soon As Possible

8 Subh, Kabul: The US Special Representative for Afghanistan has stressed that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban must respect the will of the people and reach a “political agreement” as soon as possible.

In a series of tweets in response to the killing of children in an explosion in Ghazni, Khalilzad wrote that all parties should reduce violence and “move towards a ceasefire immediately.”

According to him, in the presence of the US-Taliban agreement, the US-Afghanistan Joint Declaration, widespread international support for peace and the start of intra-Afghan talks, in view of the large number of Afghans who see peace and security not just as an aspiration, but a need, “intra-Afghan killings” have lost their legitimacy.

In a series of tweets posted on Saturday night (December 19) Khalilzad said that the news of the deaths of a large number of innocents in Ghazni, most of whom were children, was heartbreaking. An explosion in Gilan district of Ghazni province killed 15 children. The bomber struck shortly after noon on Friday.

“The killing and death of Afghans, including civilians, has become very common,” said the US Special Representative for Afghanistan.

Khalilzad condemned the high level of violence in the country, saying, “We condemn all those who allow and carry out such attacks that create terror and bloodshed.”

According to Khalilzad, their goal is to create divisions and use violence to weaken Afghans, who are committed to peace, a lasting end to violence and a prosperous Afghanistan. Khalilzad stressed that this “enemy must be rejected”.

Khalilzad further wrote that the warring parties, with international support, should address the dangers of unexploded ordnances and landmines throughout the country in order to save the precious lives of children and adults.

The US Special Envoy for Afghanistan has emphasized that his country stands with the Afghan people.

The US Special Representative for Afghanistan’s call for a reduction in violence, a ceasefire and a speedy political agreement comes as talks have taken a break.

The talks stopped on the twelfth of this month and are set to resume on January 5, 2021