Mass Poverty in Afghanistan – Rustam Sells His Kidney

Rustam Ghulami, 40, a resident of the Khairabad valley in the Nawmish district of Daikundi province, has a heartbreaking account of the ups and downs of life. He says that about nine years ago, a mine exploded in a local market in Nawmish district, severely injuring his back and legs, and he has been unable to work since.

Due to poverty, he moved to the center of Daikundi province about six months ago, to earn a living, perhaps with the help of charities and government agencies. It was not long before the regime collapsed and everything changed. With the rise of the Taliban, Rustam became poorer and helpless. Ghulami adds that even in this turbulent time, he knocked on the door of government offices, but was disappointed.

One day his family’s empty stomach induced him to go to the provincial office, hoping to bring a piece of bread for his young children. In the provincial office, however, he encountered men who don’t even understand his language. Instead of helping, they ridiculed him. Instead of healing Rustam’s wounds, Taliban forces rubbed salt.

Rustam Ghulami has a small family consisting of two children, but so far none of his children have been able to provide alimony.

He says he had to sell a kidney because he cannot provide food for his small family. He hopes to save his family’s life by selling his kidney.

Like Rustam, there are thousands of families who have no hope of survival. In addition to rising unemployment, following the rise of the Taliban, drought, the Coronavirus and the closure of banks are factors that have had a devastating effect on the livelihoods of the people of Daikundi, putting them in a dire strait.

With the rise of the Taliban, all commercial and banking activities were shut down, reducing people’s incomes to zero. As a result, many people have chosen to flee Afghanistan to find food elsewhere.

Besides, with the rise of the Taliban, people in several areas in the Gizab district of Daikundi province have been forced to flee their lands. Taliban fighters forced these villagers to leave their homes, lands and property and hand them over to Taliban affiliates.

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