Massive Seizure of 40,000 kg of Ammonium Chloride in Nimruz Province

Local Taliban officials in Nimruz province announced the discovery and seizure of 40,000 kg of Ammonium Chloride in the province.

According to the officials, this amount of Ammonium Chloride was transported in two cargo trucks on Saturday.

They stated that the substance was discovered and confiscated at the Nimruz provincial customs, and two individuals are currently detained in connection with the shipment.

Taliban did not provide details on whether the material was imported or smuggled into Iran.

It is worth mentioning that the import of Ammonium Chloride was prohibited during the Republic due to its use in explosions.

In the past, these materials were officially imported from Iran and Pakistan and used as chemical fertilizers in agriculture, but the Karzai government banned their import.