Mountain Slide in Badakhshan Blocks Access to Seven Districts

According to local sources in Badakhshan, as a result of a mountain slide, the roads to seven districts have been blocked, preventing access to and from the area.

Sources report that part of a mountain in the village of Wares, belonging to the Mayami district, collapsed on Wednesday, March 29, but fortunately, no one was injured. However, the roads to the districts of Mayami, Nasi, Shooki, Kof Abad, Khawan, Wakhan, and Shaghnan in Badakhshan province have been closed.

It is said that local Taliban officials have not yet taken any action to reopen these seven districts’ public roads.

Two months ago, due to heavy snowfall, the roads to ten districts in Badakhshan were closed for a month.

Badakhshan, located in northeast Afghanistan, has close to 30 districts, most of which have difficult roads to traverse.