Mysterious Death of a Teenager in Ghazni

Residents of Ghazni province have reported a mysterious death of a teenager in the region.

The hanging body of a 14-year-old teenager was discovered on Thursday, June 15th, in the Qal-e-Naw village of Khaja Omari district, near his home.

While local Taliban officials claim that the cause of death was suicide, the exact circumstances surrounding this event remain unclear.

The motive and reasons behind this incident are still unknown, and the Taliban has not made any statements regarding the matter so far.

This incident marks the sixth recorded case of suicide and mysterious deaths in Ghazni over the past three days.

Furthermore, yesterday, the hanging body of a child was found in the Qal-e-Tahwildar area in Ghazni, and it was delivered to the provincial hospital by the residents of the province.