Mysterious Killing of a Woman in Badghis Province

According to local sources in Badghis province, a woman has been killed as a result of a gunshot.

Sources told Hasht-e Subh that the incident occurred on Tuesday, May 9, in Akazi village of Bala-Morghab district in Badghis province.

Images obtained by Hasht-e Subh show that the perpetrator of the shooting was wearing Taliban military clothing.

It is said that the man in military attire fled the scene after shooting the woman.

The cause of the event is still unknown.

Taliban have confirmed the occurrence of the event in Badghis and has announced the beginning of investigations into the matter.

Following the Taliban’s takeover of the country, the incidence of mysterious killings of women has increased.

Just two weeks ago, a young woman was also killed in Badakhshan as a result of unknown individuals shooting at her.