Nabil: Defending the Taliban is hostility to knowledge, Wisdom, and civilization

Rahmatullah Nabil, the former government’s National Security Advisor, says that defending the Taliban is hostility to knowledge, wisdom, and civilization.

On Thursday, Nabil expressed this view in response to a song performed by some Taliban fighters on his Twitter page.

Nabil wrote: “The Taliban, a symbol of terror and ignorance, as a social monster, systematically swallow our homeland, social, cultural, and common values and assets.”

In the song whispered in Pashto, the Taliban fighters say: “This white flag belongs to the Pashtuns, and the uprising of Panjshir is being destroyed.”

In response to this song, Rahmatullah Nabil said that Panjshir was a pulsing heart and a symbol of Afghanistan’s freedom-loving people.

Nabil said: “A small minority of madrasa-educated Taliban, who have forcibly imposed themselves on Afghanistan through bullets and deals, is a great historical and cultural tragedy that has had devastating consequences and threatens our society.”

The recent Taliban song linking the white flag and the Panjshir uprising has faced widespread reactions from Afghan Pashtun citizens on social media.