Natural Crises and Afghanistan’s Deprivation of Modern Technology

With the August 15 upheaval, aid institutions, councils and groups with good intentions have been evacuated from Afghanistan, and natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and droughts in Afghanistan have become more devastating and costlier compared to the past.

Those who rule the country now look at natural phenomena from a metaphysical point of view and do not consider human efforts useful. They link the natural crisis to the actions of people and the will of the heavens, and as a result, instead of mobilizing the will and facilities, they hinder mobility and prescribe justice and determinism as accommodation.

People across the country are grappling with the fury of nature, with parched fields, no food reserves, pest-infested gardens, and penniless pockets, as they were in the pre-industrial centuries, without government support and scientific efforts.

This situation should convince us more that the country needs a progressive government in the coming years that believes in the importance of knowledge and the necessity of technology. A government that has organic and mutual contact with the residents of the country and is aware of the needs and capacities of the people, should give priority to the construction of roads, water management and investment on human capital, and should guide the human resources toward peaceful coexistence, not towards hostility, enmity and jihadism. As a result, citizens should not only be deprived of school and university, but should try to make up for their backwardness with more focus and try to tame the environment and make proper use of nature by enabling the environment for better utilization of academic and professional knowledge with local experiences so as to pave the way of a prosperous future.

Afghanistan’s diverse environment is harsh for people deprived of administration, technology and science, but this diversity and complexity of geography becomes very kind and beautiful if it is given to thoughtful people who are familiar with the secrets of nature. Its mountains become a source of life with fresh air and snow-capped peaks. Its plains become a source of energy with the bright sun, and even its floods are diverted to reservoirs and dams and become a source of greenery and abundance of material blessings. In the world, we have populated countries that are prone to earthquakes and floods like our country, and they also face other natural crises such as tsunamis and volcanoes. They pass through crises with less damage and do not bow down to earthquakes, floods, droughts and usual storms. Due to their non-deterministic approach to nature and society, they have been able to become more prepared, and we, who dream of rulers like the ancient people, are far from science and deprived of technology, every time an earthquake occurs, we become homeless.

Afghanistan should not remain suspended in this situation for a long time. The forces that know that in the coming years the environmental crisis will turn the country into a burning furnace of hunger and homelessness in the years ahead, they should unite to build a democratic and responsible government and not wait for Taliban’s recognition and reform. To reduce the damages of flood, earthquake and drought, we have no other way than to rely on science and equip the country with technology. Under the banner of a force that considers science as an enemy and wants technology only to maintain power, our fate will not change and a minor natural disasters creates crises and human catastrophe.