Newborn With Strange Physical Abnormality Delivered in Samangan

A source reported that a rare physical abnormality was observed in a newborn infant in Samangan province, where the birth took place on Monday at the provincial hospital.

The baby’s condition is characterized by the absence of both eyes and nose, and this detail is confirmed by a photograph made available to Hasht-e Subh.

Doctors have described the baby’s condition as an “anomaly,” which is often the result of marriages between close relatives.

As per a reliable source at the Samangan provincial hospital, the mother of the infant born with the physical anomaly hails from the Dara-i Sufi Bala district in Samangan.

Dara-i Sufi Bala district is primarily rural, and its inhabitants are mostly involved in agriculture. Many locals face difficulties in obtaining healthcare services, particularly during the winter months, when heavy snowfalls frequently isolate the region.

It’s not the first time that such rare births have occurred in Afghanistan. The case of this baby has brought attention to the urgent need for increased access to healthcare in rural areas and for better education on the potential risks of consanguineous marriages.