No American soldiers killed in Afghanistan last year: Pompeo

8 Subh, Kabul: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that no US troops were killed in Afghanistan in more than a year. He mentioned this in a tweet on Saturday, Jan. 2. In 2019, the US reported around 20 deaths.

Referring to the peace talks, Pompeo said the Afghans were in talks to reach an agreement, which he described as “unbelievable.” Along with this tweet, the US Secretary of State also shared a photo of his visit to Kabul,meeting with some Afghan officials.

The United States and the Taliban signed a peace agreement on Feb. 29 last year. The Taliban stopped attacks on foreign forces after the agreement was signed, but attacks on Afghan security forces’ positions continue. The government and the Taliban officially began intra-Afghan talks for the first time on September 12 last year. The talks lasted for three months and were interrupted after the two sides agreed on a negotiating procedure. The talks are set to resume on Jan. 5.