No Decision Has Been Made on Reopening the Girls’ Schools: The Taliban

8am, Kabul: The Taliban Ministry of Education has issued a statement, saying that the rumours about the reopening of girls’ schools are not true.

It was rumoured that girls’ schools would reopen on Saturday, September 25th.

However, the Taliban’s education ministry says the “news was a rumour from destructive and biased mindsets” and had no basis.

The statement said no decision had been made on reopening the girls’ schools. According to the statement, the Taliban are working to reopen girls’ schools, the results of which will be officially announced.

The Afghan boys’ secondary schools reopened on September 18, but the girls’ schools have not been opened yet.

The Taliban move has been interpreted as imposing restrictions on girls’ education.

The Taliban have said that girls’ schools will reopen soon.

Meanwhile, female teachers have also not been recruited by the Taliban.

Schools and institutions were closed due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in the previous government.